Millennium Hotels and Resorts Review

Millennium Hotels and Resorts is a hotel company that has several branches in several countries. They have excellent service by treating guests as family, with a variety of unique global properties.

Millennium Hotels and Resorts Review
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The hotel always tries to make it fresh, surprising and customized to its location. They guarantee the quality of the services provided by combining Asian hospitality with western comfort.

Millennium Hotels and Resorts is the legacy of Millennium & Copthorne Hotels (M&C) which was established in 1989, under the vision of its Chairman, Mr. Kwek Leng Beng. Mr. Kwek Leng Beng is the chairman of Singapore’s Hong Leong Group and Singapore-listed global real estate company City Developments (CDL).

Every few years, the company has been recognized for the excellent development of its management. For example, when it was founded in 1989, it successfully acquired its first 6 hotels in Asia. Today, they manage and operate nearly 140 hotels in around 80 locations.

The group has successfully expanded its wings to own several hotels in various countries, such as Dubai, Rotorua, London, New Zealand, Auckland, and several others countries. They are also quite popular on social media accounts which have a total of 600k followers on Facebook and 15k followers on Instagram. 

For all its achievements, is this company worthy of what you want? To find out the answer, stay with Millennium Hotels and Resorts review because we will guide you to uncover all the services provided by this company. Are you ready?

Why Millennium Hotels and Resorts?

With so many hotels to choose from around the world, why should you choose Millennium Hotels and Resorts? What’s so special about it? Let’s break down the reasons here.

So, the Millennium Hotels and Resorts collection is one that is located in top destinations around the world. These are perfect for business trips, family vacations, romantic getaways, and everything in between. They are spread out across various destinations that several travelers frequent.

Besides having several premium hotels in several regions across the country, they also offer venues with the best hall space that will help you organize your dream event very well. This is suitable for various types of events, such as weddings and social events, that can fit up to more than 800 participants

They also offer a special business program with many benefits that you can get, especially if you register your business account. You will get opportunities such as unlocking the lowest rates, exclusive gifts, member discounts, room upgrades, flexible bookings, and many more. 

So, unlike other ordinary hotels, which only focus on their room booking services, we can say that Millennium Hotels and Resorts delivers more than meets the eye.

What's On Millennium Hotels and Resorts Review

As one of the leading companies that provide a wide range of hotels in various countries around the world, Millennium Hotels and Resorts has several categories that give a different feel to each of its hotels.

What's On Millennium Hotels and Resorts Review
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They differentiate with five attractive collection categories that can be customized by visitors for the feel they want. Of course, the price of each collection is different because the features and benefits that will be obtained will also be different. 

So, let’s see what special collections they have:

From the five categories of collections, you can customize them according to your interests. If you like the concept of lifestyle with modern devices, then the Lifestyle collection will be perfect for you, and so does the others. 

Each collection category has a different number of hotels in different countries. The price will also differ depending on the service features and benefits that will be obtained. 

So, which collection is perfect for you? In this Millennium Hotels and Resorts review, we will focus on three collections that are directly related to the hotel:

  • Unique: Leng’s Collection – The Chelsea Harbour Hotel & Spa
  • Premium: Grand Millennium – Grand Millennium Business Bay
  • Lifestyle: MSocial – M Social Auckland

Curious about the hotel’s quality? Without further ado, let’s get started!

Millennium Hotels and Resorts The Chelsea Harbour Hotel & Spa Review

The first hotel we are going to discuss is located in Chelsea Harbour London, United Kingdom. The Chelsea Harbour Hotel & Spa is a unique hotel with a very distinct personality and a strong historical heritage aimed at the discerning traveler. 

Millennium Hotels and Resorts The Chelsea Harbour Hotel & Spa Review
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This is a complete urban riverside resort in the heart of Chelsea with breathtaking views. At this hotel, you will experience 5-star luxury in one of London’s most prestigious areas. You can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of Chelsea Harbour Marina and the River Thames during your stay.

The Chelsea Harbour Hotel & Spa has everything you need for complete relaxation. They feature attentive service, spa and health club facilities, and 158 luxurious suites and penthouses that offer the perfect stay in Chelsea. 

What about the food? Food is one of the most anticipated services at a hotel, isn’t it? At this hotel, you’ll be treated to alfresco dining with majestic views at the Harbour Bar and Terrace, or enjoy the rich fusion of British and Italian cuisine at the Chelsea Riverside Brasserie.

True to its name, Hotel & Spa, of course, provide spa services that have the essential combination of luxury, comfort, and relaxation. They create a warm and inviting spa atmosphere with an array of therapeutic experiences, holistic treatments, and pampering.

Not only that, but they also feature state-of-the-art facilities, versatile room configurations, and incredible views of the city skyline, River Thames, and Chelsea Harbor, so any event held at The Chelsea Harbour Hotel is sure to be a memorable one.

Millennium Hotels and Resorts Grand Millennium Business Bay Review

Nowadays, Dubai is the center of attention with all the luxury of its city facilities. This invites a lot of attention from all world travelers to visit this city in the United Arab Emirates. 

Millennium Hotels and Resorts Grand Millennium Business Bay Review
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Millennium Hotels and Resorts is passionate about creating memorable experiences for guests from the moment they touch down at the hotel.

They believe that it’s the little touches, such as greeting guests by name, that create a lasting impression. That’s why hotels under the Millennium Collection have been selected to bring personalized service that keeps guests coming back, including this Grand Millennium Business Bay.

This 5-Star hotel is located in Business Bay, South of Downtown Dubai. Located in the vibrant heart of South Downtown Dubai, situated along the Dubai Water Canal, and close to iconic landmarks, Grand Millennium Business Bay is the optimal scenic destination from which to explore the city.

The 20-storey hotel includes Superior, Deluxe, and Club rooms in addition to Junior suites, one-bedroom suites, and royal suites. All 251 spacious rooms and suites offer modern comforts, stunning canal or city views, and state-of-the-art amenities for a luxurious stay.

All rooms offer an unrivaled sense of style and luxury with classic Italian marble floors and bathrooms and stunning canal or city views.

A wide range of facilities and amenities include Wi-Fi and Media Hub, LED Samsung TV, spacious work desk, espresso machine, tea selection, minibar, 24-hour in-room dining service, daily housekeeping, complimentary valet service, and free shuttle to major tourist attractions.

More than that, Grand Millennium Business Bay has many other outstanding facilities that will bring maximum satisfaction to every visitor. 

Millennium Hotels and Resorts M Social Auckland Review

No less than the popularity of Dubai, New Zealand is a country that has an extraordinary natural beauty that is targeted by many travelers lately. Auckland, which is the largest metropolitan city in New Zealand, is one of the main destinations for travelers or business people to come to this city. 

Millennium Hotels and Resorts M Social Auckland Review
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Usually, travelers who come to this country come from urban life and want to enjoy the natural beauty of this country. However, they cannot be separated from their very modern lifestyle. For this reason, M Social Auckland hotel will be the right choice for these travelers. 

The hotel offers a standout lifestyle concept that embraces technology and allows people to socialize and interact with each other. The hotel will deliver an alternative lodging experience, along with a strong local influence and dynamic design.

It has a vibrant, colorful, fun, and fantastic platform design to help guests unleash their creativity! The collection is a fusion of world-class design, digital technology, and first-class neighborhood locations.

This hotel will be the perfect place for curious travelers, explorers, and those who love new experiences.

Functionally chic, this contemporary hotel has 190 rooms and suites designed for all travelers, overlooking the vibrant Princes Wharf which is home to an amazing variety of dining, entertainment, and shopping experiences. 

You can enjoy and pamper yourself with some of the best cuisines from around the world at ‘Beast & Butterflies’ which is the hotel’s signature restaurant. You can also meet your old and new friends over a drink at the Beast & Butterflies bar with the utmost comfort.

This will be the best resting place and socializing spot with the exceptional hospitality you will get. 

Millennium Hotels and Resorts Price

As we have discussed before, each hotel must have a different price range depending on what features and benefits you will get. And since the company has more than 100 hotels, we cannot give you all the pricing information related to each hotel.

In this section, we’ll list the price range from the lowest to the highest room price of the 3 hotels we discussed earlier to give you an idea. 

Unfortunately, the most expensive prices listed above are not the prices of their most expensive rooms because each hotel does not list the prices for its highest rooms. 

We hope you still have a good overview to consider when choosing your hotel. Please contact customer service for information on the highest price of their best rooms. 

Millennium Hotels and Resorts Pros & Cons

No matter how perfect the service and comfortable rooms of a hotel are, surely each of them has its pros and cons, and this company is no exception. Thus, we have prepared a list of Millennium Hotels and Resorts’ pros and cons that you can check below:

Millennium Hotels and Resorts Pros

  • Has 5 categories of hotel collections with different vibes that can be chosen according to visitors’ tastes
  • More than 100 hotels in 80 locations around the world will accompany the convenience of travelers wherever they are
  • Offers a wide selection of rooms from the cozy to the most luxurious
  • Provides the best venues for various events such as business meetings to weddings
  • Complete facilities including Restaurants to Spas
  • The staff are friendly, professional, helpful and cooperative
  • Ideal for both business and leisure travelers
  • Perfect for travelers who enjoy city views
  • Enjoy Free Wi-Fi in all room hotels
  • Free cancellation on online direct bookings

Millennium Hotels and Resorts Cons

  • Not suitable for those who want to enjoy sea or mountain views from the hotel

Is Millennium Hotels and Resorts Worth It?

With a very good goal, the company always tries to give the best services to all their hotels.

Is Millennium Hotels and Resorts Worth It?
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The area where their hotels are spread provides many advantages for visitors which is in the middle of urban areas that will make it easier for visitors to go anywhere and when they need anything. 

The company has an interesting program where they promise to give you the best online room rates if you book through their website at

If you even find the same offer within 4 hours of your booking on at the same hotel at a lower price on several online booking applications such as, Agoda, Orbitz, and several others, then the company will give you an additional 25% discount.

These are just a few of the benefits that the company delivers to its customers. There is so much more that you can get from the company and its hotels. 

With that said, we can confidently say that this company, its hotels, and its services are well worth it, and highly recommend it.

Is Millennium Hotels and Resorts legit?

Established in 1989, Millennium Hotels and Resorts is able to survive and even continue to improve its best performance in this industry. Being in the hospitality industry is certainly not easy, in fact, they are able to stand and even have hundreds of hotels spread throughout the world.

From the information, we got on Linkedin, until now they have 10,001+ best employees spread and assigned throughout their hotels. Even they are still looking for an opening for vacancies for qualified career seekers who are ready to work with them.

So, it can be concluded from all the best hard work of the company that keeps growing until today makes this company legit and undeniable.

How To Contact Millennium Hotels and Resorts

The more you know a lot of information about this company, the more curious you are, also the more questions you will have in your head that may not be answered by the Millennium Hotels and Resorts review.

No need to worry because you can ask any of your questions easily on the Enquiry From that you can access the official website. Their friendly service team will answer all your questions as soon as possible. 

So what if you want to make a reservation at one of their hotels? You can contact the contacts of each of their hotels spread across several countries listed in the hotel reservation offices on the contact us page.

Here are some contacts of the 3 hotels we discussed in the previous section:


We found some questions that are asked by internet users. Read well maybe this question also relates to you.

What hotel chain is Millennium?

Millennium Hotels and Resorts is a brand in the hospitality industry.


If you are a frequent business traveler to different countries or love traveling to areas with an urban feel, then Millennium Hotels and Resorts will be perfect for you. 

They are spread in several regions around the world which will make it easy for you to get them. They have a variety of services and attractive offers that you can get to give you comfort as your resting place. You’ll get the best views of the city from your room window and you’ll get to experience the best of their services. Millennium Hotels and Resorts will not disappoint you! 

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