MSC Cruises Reviews

Is MSC a high end cruise line?

MSC Cruises is a private company founded in 1988 by Gianluigi Aponte. It is an Italian company offering high-end cruises worldwide. In addition, you will spend days and nights on the voyage to enjoy a relaxing time with world-class amusements. 

MSC Cruises Reviews
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The company is now led by Gianni Onorato, promoting full-board and cutting-edge technologies. Whoever wants to travel luxuriously, look no further than booking a schedule here. Why? Because the ships will sail from Port Canaveral. 

Also, the company provides a lot of seasonal itineraries, which is great for all weather. You can access the schedule from this year, next year, and even 2025! The booking process is easy; merely visit the official website and book a seat. 

It has many certifications, ensuring your journey is safe and sound. For instance, ISO 50001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO 21070, and OHSAS 18001. It also gained many followers, such as 1.3 mio on Instagram and 5 mio others on Facebook. 

If you want to sail from Southampton, read this MSC Cruises review thoroughly. Let’s see which cruise is recommended to support you during the sailing journey. Thus, let’s delve now! 

Why Sail with MSC Cruises?

This Italian company is impressive because it offers many cruises with massive structures. You would not believe that the ship has fantastic features on board! 

Why Sail with MSC Cruises?
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Other than the on-board facilities, it offers plus points, such as: 

MSC Cruises Highlights 

  • Established over 35 years ago
  • The world’s third-rate largest cruise company 
  • Cruise leader in Europe, South America, and Southern America 
  • Kids and family-friendly trip 
  • User-friendly board facilities and staff 
  • Sail year-around and offers seasonal itineraries 
  • Huge cruises holding up to 6K voyagers 
  • Offers five-star facilities from rooms, restaurants, bars, and kid’s amusements 
  • Assists by talented staff, cabin crew, and professional chefs 
  • Provides cancellation policy for at least 24 hours before sailing 

What's On MSC Cruises

You now get reasons to sail with the company. Yet, where should you go? What kind of cruise should you choose? Keep reading to find the classifications below. 

What's On MSC Cruises
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Visiting the official website allows you to check the following classifications: 


  • Europe
  • Caribbean
  • Canada
  • Asia
  • etc. 

  • Armonia
  • Euribia
  • Opera
  • Sinfonia 
  • etc. 

  • Bella
  • Fantastica
  • Aura
Yacht Club

  • Privileges
  • Exclusivity
  • A World of Choice

To cut the time while reading this MSC Cruises review, here are what we will discuss about: 

Therefore, let’s get into the first cruise now! 

MSC Cruises Seascape Reviews

Seascape Cruise is a company’s pride, holding over 1684 crews and 5877 passengers. The ship can run up to 21,80 knots in one sailing. In addition, the 323 x 41 x 74 meters dimensions can offer 2270 cabins for all voyagers. 

MSC Cruises Seascape Reviews
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Seascape is using LED lighting, providing sustainable and environmental features. The design is a tribute to New York City as the longest ship with a marine pool. Furthermore, the ship is kid-friendly, which is great for all families. 

Once you step on it, you’ll enjoy fun amusement such as aquapark, theatre, Robotron, aurea spa, and yacht club. Thus, don’t forget to visit the taco restaurants, teppanyaki and sushi bar, and The Butchery’s Cut to satisfy your tummy. 

MSC Cruises Seaside Reviews

Do you often feel suffocated due to the abundance of people? If so, choosing this Seaside Cruise is the best answer. The ship can hold 5085 passengers and 1513 crews. Its long, 323 x 41 x 74.8 meters dimensions feature 2026 cabins. 

MSC Cruises Seaside Reviews
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It allows you to stroll indoors and outdoors with 22.95 knots of speed. Furthermore, the ship will be your second home because it offers aurea spa, fitness center, and beach pools! Whoever loves to move around would visit bowling alleys. 

If your kids join the trip, don’t hesitate to bring them to the aquaventure park and metropolitan theatre. It also offers 5 restaurants, allowing you to have buffet dining. Lastly, clean your mouth with Venchi 1878 Chocolate Bar and Gelato delicacies. 

MSC Cruises Virtuosa Reviews

Virtuosa Cruise is a masterpiece architected by Les Chantiers de l’Atlantique. It is a vast ship offering quality time for couples and families with 2421 cabins and Lego amusement. Plus, you can enjoy circus and acrobatics on Carousel Production at sea! 

MSC Cruises Virtuosa Reviews
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This 331 x 43 x 65-meter cruise can hold 1704 crew and 6334 passengers. It will sail the sea at 22.2 knots of speed, resulting in a relaxing moment while enjoying the blue sky and sea. Further, it has the first robotic bartender in one of 21 bars! 

The 10 available dining venues will satisfy your appetite, starting from taco, sushi bar, and buffet. You can let your kids play in the aquapark while you play in the casino. Also, visit the spa and wellness center to spoil your body and mind. 

How Does MSC Cruises Work?

Are you ready to sail next year or in 2025? Lucky you because you may book far before the day you want to go. How so? Read the following explanation for more info! 

  1. First, visit the official website and log in. 
  2. Fill in the destination, departure date, and ports you desire. 
  3. Then, click the Search button. 
  4. You’ll see several options. So, choose one and click See Details. 
  5. Select the available date and cabin type. 
  6. After that, click Select. 
  7. Choose the offer you want. 
  8. Check out the order and fulfill the payment. 
  9. That’s it! You can now sail to your magical destination. 

The booking procedure is easy. Whether you want to go to Europe, America, or Asia, ensure you choose the best itineraries. 

MSC Cruises Pricing

Sailing on a cruise requires different pricing depending on the period, destination, and the ships. Yet, the company has categorized the cost based on the cruise and itineraries. Here is the detail: 

Seascape Itineraries Starts from £539 p/p
Seaside Itineraries Starts from £319 p/p
Virtuosa Itineraries Starts from £69 p/p

Do the following actions to get more discounts: 

  • Subscribe to the official website for current sales
  • Visit the Deal page to earn special cruise deals 
  • Join the MSC Yacht Club for more perks 

MSC Cruises Pros and Cons

Want to sail ASAP but still unsure about the company? Look no further than reading the following pros and cons to fix your mind. 


  • High-end cruise line for traveling worldwide 
  • Offers many trip plans for solo travelers, couples, and families 
  • Promotes easy booking on the official website 
  • Provides trip with flights included 
  • Environmental stewardship prioritizing sustainability on water 
  • Professional cabin staff 
  • Cancellation is available way before the day to receive several percent of the cancellation fee


  • Voyagers are prohibited from bringing specific stuff because the board sells everything you need, e.g., wine, liquor, etc. 
  • The eligible credit card to use on-board must be signed on the official website first.
  • One-day cancellation before the sailing day won’t get any refund. 

MSC Cruises Customer Reviews

Before deciding to book a schedule, you can’t immediately trust the company. Therefore, this section will tell voyagers’ testimonials after sailing with MSC Cruises. Can you guess if they are happy or not? 

MSC Cruises Customer Reviews
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You can see its testimonials on Tripadvisor. Yet, the following utterances are written on the official website. Here is one of them:  

I am so satisfied with the entire ship’s cleanliness along with the cabin service. Most of the cabin crew are also helpful. 

This voyager is delighted because his stay on the cruise is clean. The cabin service is fantastic, and the staff crew is helpful. 

Another customer says: 

It was what we exactly expected. A decent relaxing time with good cuisine, great weather, and has many cocktails. 

This voyager is pleased because the sailing is amusing. Not only can he relax and eat good food, but also the weather is amazing, followed by many cocktails. 

Simply put, MSC Cruises successfully creates an extraordinary ambience during the sailing. Thus, thanks to the service, many customers are satisfied with their scheduled journey. 

Is MSC Cruises Worth It?

Whoever and wherever you sail, MSC Cruises is worth booking due to its wonderful features. You would not find another high-end trip but this Italian-owned company. 

Is MSC Cruises Worth It?
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It also opens careers for any professional crew so that your experience with it will be much more impressive. Passengers can spend restful days and relax in the amusing facilities. 

Further, you can make plans for years later. You don’t have to go to the sea this year. Instead, prepare the budget and book for the date you desire! 

Is MSC Cruises Legit?

This company provides a secure SSL feature on the official website, meaning MSC Cruises is legit! How so? You can check the lock because it will not take your information. 

Instead, you can read every detail of information on the site to ensure your safety sailing. The data includes sailing rules, destinations, prices, itineraries, and testimonials. 

So leave Reddit, trust the company, prepare a budget, and book your desired sailing journey. In the end, where will you sail yourself next booking? 

Where to Book MSC Cruises

Voyagers who intend to book can access the schedule from the official website. Please log in to your account before choosing the top destinations you desire. 

Further, it does not offer an offline booking service. Thus, you don’t need to search for another source but trust the legit site to book the cruise. Will you sail this three-last month of 2023 or next year in 2024? 

MSC Cruises Contact Number

Do you have complaints or need assistance from customer service? Kindly contact the staff from the following methods: 

The team will be online from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 18:00. Also, you can contact them on Saturday from 9:00 to 17:00. Below is the company’s headquarters address. 

MSC Cruises UK Headquarters 
5 Roundwood Avenue, Stockley Park
Uxbridge UB11 1AF


Dig deeply to MSC Cruises

Before onboarding, it is better to know the cruise rules. What are they? Here are some answers to follow. 

Is MSC a luxury cruise line?

Yes! It is a luxurious and high-end cruise line. 

Can I wear jeans to dinner on MSC cruise?

You can wear a polished look such as collared shirts, tailored trousers or skirts, and dresses. 

Can you take your own alcohol on a MSC cruise?

Unfortunately, you can’t bring your alcohol to the cruise. But you may purchase wine, alcohol, and other liquors on board. 

What do you have to pay for on a MSC cruise?

The extra payment occurs when you want to enjoy the facilities such as restaurants, spas, bars, etc. 


MSC Cruises is a private company offering worldwide sailing for solo voyagers, couples, and families. The company provides vast, fast-speed ships that are safe and sustainable. 

You can sail to any destination and enjoy the blue sea. Book a ticket far from the schedule, and ensure you prepare everything, especially travel insurance. So, are you ready to play with the wind and water? 

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