Natural Retreats Vacation Rentals Review

Natural Retreats is a renowned brand that dedicates its existence to providing travelers with unforgettable memories on each of their vacation trips in the United States.

Natural Retreats Vacation Rentals Review
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The brand offers a wide variety of reliable vacation homes where you can admire the breathtaking views of the gorgeous scenery of the United States.

Established back in 2006 in Charlottesville, this hospitality brand has satisfied hundreds of travelers who visited the United States and given them the opportunity to carve memories in every detail of the most iconic tourist destinations they visited.

Whether you are visiting with your loved one, your friends, or even your family, Natural Retreats is here to serve you a comfortable vacation home with the best facilities.

And as a testament to its fame and quality, the brand currently boasts over 15k followers on Instagram and 27k followers on Facebook. It has also been featured in various well-known media publicity such as CBS, Southern Living, Travel + Leisure, and many others.

With all that said, is this brand completely reliable in providing travelers with the best vacation home rentals? Well, you can find the answer by keeping scroll down in this Natural Retreats review. And here, we will also provide you with information about the brand’s pros and cons. So stay tuned until you’re ready to go on vacation!

Why Natural Retreats?

As previously mentioned, Natural Retreats is known as a hospitality brand that provides top-quality and reliable hand-picked vacation homes in the most iconic destinations across the United States.

Why Natural Retreats?
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From the beautiful beaches in Cape San Blas, panoramic snowy views in Big Sky, the exciting nightlife in Park City, to the spectacular lake in Natural Retreats NH, you can enjoy all these beautiful sights through this brand.

With this brand, you also don’t have to spend much time worrying about logistics or planning where to go because all you have to do is enjoy your vacation. Why? Simply because this brand embraces high-touch service for you where their reservations and guest service teams will help prepare all your needs during your vacation.

Not only that, but Natural Retreats also conducts standardized in-person inspections and resort-style housekeeping, which ensures that each vacation home that you will stay in has a high level of cleanliness, hygiene, and comfort.

Further, the images, descriptions, and details of the vacation homes you see on the official website are not just window-dressing. And this means everything you see and read will be exactly what you will get when you arrive at the vacation home you booked.

What's On Natural Retreats Review

As one of the leading US brands engaged in the hospitality and resorts industry, this Natural Retreats has provided a wide range of qualified vacation homes in various tourist destinations throughout the United States region.

What's On Natural Retreats Review
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So what are the regions and destinations offered by this brand? Then, let’s take a look at the list below.

Natural Retreats Review: Destinations Options

  1. California: Lake Tahoe, Joshua Tree, Mammoth Lakes, Palm Springs
  2. Colorado: Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, Keystone, Frisco, Summit County
  3. Florida: Cape San Blas, Emerald Coast
  4. Georgia: Tybee Island
  5. Idaho: Sun Valley
  6. Montana: Big Sky
  7. New Hampshire: Lakes Region
  8. New Mexico: Taos
  9. South Carolina: Sea Islands
  10. Tennessee: Great Smoky Mountains
  11. Utah: Park City
  12. Virginia: Hot Springs

Among the 20 tourism destinations the brand offers, three destinations are most frequently searched for by internet users and travelers. And those three destinations are:

  • Natural Retreats Cape San Blas
  • Natural Retreats Big Sky
  • Natural Retreats Park City

Now, how about we dive deeper into these three destinations? Are you ready? Then let’s dive deeper into this Natural Retreats review!

Natural Retreats Cape San Blas Review

A Wonderful Place to Enjoy Turquoise Beach

Stretching from Port St. Joe to the St. Joseph Peninsula in Florida, Natural Retreats Cape San Blas is one of the best tourist destinations for those who want to add relaxing, swimming, and snorkeling to their vacation schedule.

Natural Retreats Cape San Blas Review
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If you’re unfamiliar with the name, you might be more familiar with Florida’s Forgotten Coast. Yep, that forgotten beach is Cape San Blas.

Here, you will be delighted to see turquoise waters flowing along the coast as far as the eyes can see. You also won’t find many people here, which means every inch of the coast is yours. No one will disturb you, all you need is just enjoy your vacation.

Now or more precisely, in 2022, Natural Retreats has acquired 360 Blue to provide new and improved services for you and other travelers.

All and most of the vacation homes at Natural Retreats Cape San Blas are right on the coastline, allowing you to enjoy endless incredible views throughout your vacation. Put your feet up on the sand, look for shells or starfish, and cherish memories with your loved ones.

As for the choice of vacation homes, it varies from design to facility. You can find rental properties with classic beach cottages to modern-style homes. Most of these vacation homes feature private pools, balconies, backyard fireplaces, and other amenities that will ensure you have unforgettable memories in Cape San Blas.

Natural Retreats Big Sky Review

Ski and Vacation? Why Not?

Winter is coming!!! And skiing, snowboarding, horseback riding, or just going for a walk are the best things to do on a winter vacation. Luckily, the brand can make it all happen through Natural Retreats Big Sky.

Natural Retreats Big Sky Review
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Yep, Big Sky is a vacation destination located around the Rocky Mountains in southern Montana. The destination is known for its diverse ski and downhill mountain bike trails with more than 5,800 skiable acres and terrain. This is the best vacation spot for those of you who want to spend your winter vacation with more fun and excitement.

When you decide to vacation in Big Sky using this brand, you can book vacation homes in places like Moonlight Basin, Mountain Village, Spanish Peak, and Meadow Village. And they all have different views and amenities. So, choose the best one that suits your vacation needs!

Natural Retreats Park City Review

Adore Year-Round Excitement of Vacation on this Place

Relish in a vacation of year-round excitement with Natural Retreats Park City. Whether it’s winter or summer, you’ll never lose the fun and awe of enjoying the sights that Park City has to offer during your vacation.

Natural Retreats Park City Review
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Located east of Salt Lake City in the western state of Utah and surrounded by the rugged Wasatch mountains, this is the best place to ski. Not only that, but you can also relax on your vacation by following Park City’s cultural calendar, such as the Sundance Film Festival, world cup sporting events, and the Grammy Awards.

There are four places that you can choose to book vacation home rentals in Park City, and in total, there are more than 130 vacation home rentals available. And those places are Park City’s Main St, Silver Star, The Colony, and Deer Valley.

Each of these places has its own panoramic scenic views with modern amenities. As such, choose the right one! As you are the one who knows which one is the best vacation home to stay in during your vacation.

Natural Retreats Price

I know, you know, and we all know that knowing the nightly price of each vacation home in each destination is extremely crucial. No doubt about it. By knowing the price per night, you can determine how much budget you should prepare for your vacation needs.

And to give you an understanding of the price range of each vacation home of this brand, this Natural Retreats review has dived into the brand’s website to get information related to the price range.

As mentioned earlier, this brand provides 20 vacation homes from 12 regions in the United States. And within these 20 tourist destinations, Natural Retreats provides more than 40 vacation homes in each of its tourist destinations.

With so many vacation rental homes to choose from, the price per night varies. And the factor that causes this variation in price depends on the destination you are visiting and the quality and amenities of the vacation home you choose. As such, this Natural Retreats review found that the cheapest price the brand offers is $200 per night, and the highest price is $40,000 per night.

However, you can also save on your booking purchases by using the Natural Retreats promo code that you can get straightly on the official website. Happy shopping and happy holiday!

Natural Retreats Pros & Cons

With all the information you already have, this Natural Retreats review will now feature some of the pros and cons of this brand. And we have summarized them in bullet point form below.

Natural Retreats Pros

  • Provides top-quality and reliable hand-picked vacation homes
  • Offers 20 vacation destinations from 12 regions in the United States
  • Provides over a hundred vacation homes in each vacation destination
  • Featured in well-known publicity
  • Excellent and high-touch customer service

Natural Retreats Cons

  • Does not provide refunds

Is Natural Retreats Worth It?

Referring to how this hospitality brand provides you with the best and most reliable vacation homes, this Natural Retreats review agrees to state that the Natural Retreats is worth it.

With a wide selection of vacation homes in every tourist destination within the US, you will never lack for options to spend your vacation days.

How To Contact Natural Retreats

Do you have some questions about the brand, whether it’s reservations, concierge, or anything else? No need to worry. As a brand engaged in the hospitality industry, they are ready to help you whenever you need them. And you can reach them through:

  • US East Office: +1 877 805 7794
    Available Monday – Friday from 8 AM to 7 PM EST and Weekends & Holidays from 10 AM to 5 PM EST.
  • US West Office: +1 888 451 0156
    Available Monday – Friday from 8 AM to 7 PM MST and Weekends & Holidays from 10 AM to 5 PM MST.

Alternatively, you can also send your inquiry by filling out the form here. You only need to fill in your full name, email, phone, and the inquiry you want to ask.


When discussing the Natural Retreats review, some of the internet users asked the following questions. And we have summarized those questions and the answers.

Where is Natural Retreats headquarters?

This brand’s headquarters is located at 675 Peter Jefferson Parkway, Charlottesville.

Who owns Natural Retreats?

As for now, Chris Holder is the CEO of this hospitality brand.


If you are looking for a brand that provides a wide selection of top-quality and reliable vacation homes for your vacation in the United States, then you can’t go wrong with Natural Retreats. Through this brand, you can find hundreds of vacation homes from 20 vacation destinations across the United States.

And this Natural Retreats review has summarized everything about this brand in detail. Are you interested in booking one of their vacation homes? Well, head on over to their official website!

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