Travelsphere Reviews

Is Travelsphere still trading?

Travelsphere is a UK-based company with over 60 years of experience. Lately, G Adventure acquired the company in 2017. Still, this company is trading by offering all customers travel itineraries at a reasonable price

Travelsphere Reviews
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You’ll love travelling with it because it provides an expert tour director to introduce you to local sights. Your visitation means a lot for the locals because your well-managed itinerary financially supports them. 

Furthermore, the destination embraces all continents worldwide. You can choose your desired place to visit. Plus, the company is trusted. It received a Multi Award Winner by The British Travel Awards 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022, etc. 

Penny Smith, an ITV Breakfast Show GMTV presenter, even becomes the company’s travel ambassador. Also, the company has gained many followers, resulting in over 13.1K followers on Facebook and Instagram. 

This Travelsphere review will dig deeper into the company, from travel itineraries, pricing, and pros and cons. So if you can’t take your eyes off its plans, keep reading the article till the end. Then, let’s dive in! 

Why Travelsphere?

The coach holidays UK from this company are experts in the destination you will visit. You’ll gain many insights concerning the locals, from cultures to cuisines. 

Why Travelsphere?
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Further, the company offers another highlight you must know, including: 

Travelsphere Highlights 

  • A UK-based travel agent with 60 years of experience
  • Received the stamp from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) Safe Travel 
  • Travel worldwide 
  • Itineraries include aeroplane tickets, accommodations, and consumption 
  • Booking is accepted with specific payment installation 
  • Expert holiday director 
  • Provides sample authentic local flavors 
  • Offers many deals and discounts 
  • Obtains many good feedbacks from customers 

What's On Travelsphere

As discussed, the company offers travel itineraries worldwide. Where can you go with this company’s expert guide?

What's On Travelsphere
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Here are the 6 continents that the team will guide you to: 

Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, South Africa, etc. 
Asia: China, Japan, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, etc. 
Europe: Austria, Iceland, Greece, Germany, Italy, etc. 
North America: Canada, Cuba, Costa Rica, US, etc. 
South America: Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, etc. 
Oceania: Australia and New Zealand

Meanwhile, this Travelsphere review will focus only on the 4 best-selling destinations, including: 

Therefore, get your snack and start reading now! 

Travelsphere The Italian Riviera Reviews

The Italian Riviera is the best-selling you can get from this company. It features an 8-day traveling period with road, rail, and boat exploration. You’ll start the itineraries from Pisa and ends the journey in Genoa. 

Travelsphere The Italian Riviera Reviews
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Travelers get leisure time while visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Tuscany’s best-kept secret, Lucca Medical Town. Furthermore, this holiday includes a holiday director and a specialist local guide

You will stay in a 4-star hotel and get 15 meals and a welcome drink. So manifest some budget to visit Italy and refresh your mind with fancy lunch tasting the Cantine Lunae Winery now! 

Travelsphere Canada's Eastern Splendours Reviews

Starting from Toronto, this Canada’s Eastern Splendours plan allows you to explore Canada and relax in Niagara Falls. Walking through Ottawa and Quebec City, you’ll spend 12 days of classic touring. 

Travelsphere Canada's Eastern Splendours Reviews
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Moreover, the stay features a 10-night in a beautiful hotel with a night during the flight. The holiday contains 1 meal which is 1 lunch and 1 welcome drink. By joining this plan, you can check the highlights of Toronto with your eyes! 

Further, you don’t need to worry about the quality. In contrast, you get the privilege of a scenic cruise around 1000 islands. Therefore, click the link below to enjoy the spectacular of Niagara Falls and the Victorian town now! 

Travelsphere Japan - Land of the Rising Sun Reviews

Not only are a destination in Europe and the US continents famous, but also countries in Asia all-rounders. For example, Japan – Land of the Rising Sun becomes the best holiday choice for anyone wanting to experience dazzling Tokyo

Travelsphere Japan - Land of the Rising Sun Reviews
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Spend 12 days of holiday with magnificent itineraries, allowing you to do exploration from the capital to Osaka City. Even better, you’ll have a chance to ride Shinkansen– the high-speed train in Japan. 

This classic touring plan features a specialist local guide and audio guide. With 14 meal services, you don’t have to worry if you feel hungry. Then, will you join this schedule to visit the historical moment of Hiroshima? 

Travelsphere Taj Mahal, Delhi & Amber Fort Reviews

Japan is not the only best-selling itinerary. Instead, this India’s Taj Mahal, Delhi & Amber Fort is the wise choice for any Bollywood fans! The plan allows you to experience highlights of Delhi, Agra, Bharatpur, and Jaipur! 

Travelsphere Taj Mahal, Delhi & Amber Fort Reviews
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Further, this classic tour provides all breakfasts within 8 days! You’ll visit famous destinations such as Pink City, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, deserted city, and palaces in Agra Fort. Not to mention you’ll step your feet on the great Taj Mahal. 

Your journey will be mesmerizing because a holiday director and a specialist local guide will follow your step thoroughly. Therefore, have you prepared your mind to know more about the place where Mahatma Gandhi was born?  

How Does Travelsphere Work?

Now, you know that you’re going to while you’re young. Before running to the destination you’ve been dreaming of, let’s see the reservation procedure below! 

Please read it carefully so that you don’t make a mistake. 

  1. First, open the official website and look for your desired travel itineraries. 
  2. Read the itineraries and plans thoroughly. 
  3. Click the date menu to check the available slots. 
  4. Ensure the date you desire is available, then click Book Now. 
  5. Add some additional service if you want. 
  6. After that, check the booking details. 
  7. Last, complete the payment, and congratulations! You’re ready to go on a tour! 

The procedure is straightforward. But remember that the agent login and the customer are different. 

Further, you may not find available seats because every destination has limited slots. It is recommended to book it far from the day. Therefore, on which date will you run away from your busy routine

Travelsphere Pricing

Traveling needs a lot of budget, as does going with this company. Below are the price classifications you must know and prepare the amount: 

Travel Destination Travel Period Price
The Italian Riviera 8-day Starts from £1,549.00
Canada’s Eastern Splendours 12-day Starts from £3,099.00
Japan – Land of the Rising Sun 12-day Starts from £4.449.00 
Taj Mahal, Delhi & Amber Fort 8-day Starts from £1,899.00

Travelsphere Promotions

  • Subscribe to the newsletters for updates and coupons
  • Book 2 holidays or more to receive a £50 discount off 
  • Get the latest deal for Last Minute Offer 
  • Visit the Offers menu for limited sales 
  • etc

So, are you ready to get the offer? Click the link below and travel at a more affordable price now! 

Travelsphere Pros and Cons

Do you have more curiosity about this company? Look no further than reading the following pros and cons! 


  • Offers solo holidays and group traveling 
  • One group may consist of 15-35 people 
  • Tours to all continents worldwide 
  • Supports local organization 
  • Well-managed itineraries 
  • Provides brochure online and via post 


  • No children less than 18 years old allowed during the holidays 
  • No return and refund, except if the travel agent cancels the itineraries 

Travelsphere Customer Reviews

Some of you may be curious about the brand’s reviews on TripAdvisor. But, it is unnecessary because you can see several testimonials on the official website. Further, it gets a 4.6/5 rating on Trustpilot from 502 customers. 

Travelsphere Customer Reviews
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Let’s see what they said about the service below: 

I’ve always found Travelsphere holidays travels to be well-organised with good, local, guides, and competitively priced!

This customer has trusted the company for a long time. He states that it has organized itineraries with excellent guides and reasonable prices. 

Another customer said: 

We’ve had a fabulous holiday. Such a fun itinerary. A wonderful scenery into the Indian way of life. Ranthambore has exceeded expectations. Our Tour guide was also  excellent. …

In short, Travelsphere proves that its hassle-free guarantee is not a talk. Instead, many customers, from the itineraries and tour guides, are satisfied with the services. Thus, the high rating is proven. 

Is Travelsphere Worth It?

Not only do some of you misunderstand the company in administration or not, but some may not think that this company is worth checking. Well, you can’t deny that travelling with Travelsphere is worth trying, can you?  

Is Travelsphere Worth It?
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You will experience all mesmerizing and breathtaking sceneries around the world. Further, you’ll learn more about the country’s culture. What aspect do you need from this company? Visit the website and start booking a seat now! 

Is Travelsphere Legit?

On the legitimate side, the company has a secure SSL website feature to keep your data safe. You can use the feature thoroughly without fear of getting noticed by scams. 

To conclude, Travelsphere is a legit place to book a travelling schedule worldwide. You can immediately contact customer service if you face any problems. So, everything’s set, right? 

Where to Book Travelsphere

Have you decided where you will sail these holidays 2023? Or will you go on the following holidays 2024? If you have, don’t hesitate to book a seat from the official website because it promotes a fast process and hassle-free procedure. 

Further, the team may book your desired destination and date immediately. You can contact them by phone at 01858 415128. Remember that the team may be recorded to ensure your quest is written thoroughly. So, which method do you prefer? 

Travelsphere Customer Service

Do you have problems booking tours with this company? Worry not because you can contact customer service immediately on: 

The team will be online from 9 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Friday. Weekends and bank holidays are closed. Meanwhile, you can visit the following address to meet the team face-to-face. 

Travelsphere Headquarters
Office 202 Harborough Enterprise Centre, 
34 Compass Point, Northampton Road, 
Market Harborough, Leicestershire, 
LE16 9HW United Kingdom 


Dig deeper on Travelsphere

The following answered questions are new insights you must know about the company. So, take a look closer! 

Who owns Travelsphere?

G Adventures is the owner of this travel agent company. 

Are Travelsphere still trading?

Yes, the company is still trading, offering traveling itineraries for all customers from the United Kingdom. 


Travelsphere is a UK-based company offering travel itineraries worldwide. You can check on its official website to book a schedule before the date begins. Furthermore, it provides a specialist local guide to help you during the plan. 

Any traveler, from solo to a group, can rely on this company whenever they want to play and visit new places. So, where will you destine yourself for the following holiday? Wherever it is, book a seat now! 

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