About Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts

Bahia Principe Hotels and Resorts was founded in 1995 under the Grupo Piñero group. Under the leadership of CEO Bryan Embden, this company builds 27 lodging in Spain, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Jamaica. 

About Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts
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Its magnificent reputation allows it to hold up to 14K guests in different places. You can see the hotel on famous media such as Safe Travels, Travelife, TripAdvisor, and HolidayCheck. Also, the company offers sites perfect for individuals, couples, or even families

Thanks to the support of the prestigious Spanish family group, this company can develop its strategic places with meaningful facilities by prioritizing clients. So not only can you stay for nights, but also you may hold a wedding party! 

Furthermore, its famous hotels have different themes that give more options for customers to choose from. As you can see, it has more than 270K followers on Facebook and 281K on Instagram. 

Read this Bahia Principe review if you want to run away from busy lives to get perfect accommodation. Then, I will dig deeper into the brand and tell you everything about it. Thus, let’s begin the research! 

Why Stay at Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts?

Don’t you ever wonder why are these hotels and resorts famous? I bet you do, but you must have this behavior to avoid scams. So, this section will tell you several factors which can influence clients booking a room from this place. 

Why Stay at Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts?
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facebook.com/BahiaPrincipe https://facebook.com/BahiaPrincipe

Let’s see them closer!

Bahia Principe Highlights 

  • It provides perfect lodging surrounded by beautiful landscapes from the ocean.
  • Every hotel and resort provides authentic culture from the surrounding environment. 
  • Prioritizes the clients by offering hotels and resorts notable for individuals, adults-only, and kid-friendly facilities 
  • The website and application allow clients to book rooms and facilities quickly.
  • Offers Loyalty Program by joining My Bahia Principe membership. 
  • This company is committed to sustainability and invests in health programs, child organizations, waste recycling, and reducing carbon emissions. 

What's On Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts

As discussed previously, the company has many lodgings to offer. They spread all across four regions. This section will break them down thoroughly. 

What's On Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts
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facebook.com/BahiaPrincipe https://facebook.com/BahiaPrincipe

So, here they are: 

Hotels and Resorts in The Caribbean 

  • Dominican Republic, Samana: Luxury Samana, Grand Cayacoa, Grand El Portillo, etc
  • Dominican Republic, La Romana: Luxury Bouganville, Grand La Romana
  • Dominican Republic, Punta Cana: Fantasia Punta Cana, Luxury Ambar, Grand Punta Cana, etc
  • Mexico, Riviera Maya: Luxury Akumal, Grand Coba, Grand Tulum, etc
  • Jamaica, Runaway Bay: Luxury Runaway Bay, Grand Jamaica

Hotels and Resorts in Spain

  • Tenerife: Fantasia Tenerife, Sunlight San Filipe, etc
  • Mallorca: Sunlight Coral Playa

We won’t discuss all of them, but this Bahia Principe review will elaborate on these two:

Get ready, and let’s explore them immediately! 

Bahia Principe Grand Jamaica Reviews

Do you want to spend the holidays with your small family? Then, Grand Jamaica is the perfect solution! This hotel is located in Salt Coopers, Runaway Bay, Jamaica, and provides the most authentic Jamaican culture. 

Bahia Principe Grand Jamaica Reviews
Image credit: facebook.com/BahiaPrincipe
facebook.com/BahiaPrincipe https://facebook.com/BahiaPrincipe

This remarkable hotel will be your place to enjoy tasty cuisine and gorgeous landscapes. Thanks to the fun activities, your children can have the most mesmerizing holiday ever. Several facilities you can experience are: 

  • 24-hour receptionist service, bell boy, and parking
  • Transport facilities
  • 850 rooms, 4 bars, six restaurants, a disco, and a spa corner
  • International entertainment for adults and kids
  • Kids Club and new water parks 
  • Three dinners in a la carte restaurants 
  • 1-hour per day free kayaks, tennis, and snorkeling 
  • Diving lesson in the pool 

Furthermore, this hotel offers free WiFi, which you can use effectively. When your child swims in the water park, you can enjoy yourself in the spa corner. Not only is the place great for holidays, but also it offers room for meetings and special events. 

9.0 9/10
10.0 10/10
Kid's Friendly
7.0 7/10

Bahia Principe Fantasia Punta Cana Reviews

Fantasia Punta Cana is in the Arena Gorda -Macao, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. It is a land where magic and fairy tale combines for children and adults. 

Bahia Principe Fantasia Punta Cana Reviews
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facebook.com/BahiaPrincipe https://facebook.com/BahiaPrincipe

This Caribbean resort has a castle that contains kids’ entertainment. Moreover, you’ll love staying there because you can stroll or take dinners with a next-level imagination world. Several features this hotel offers are: 

  • 24-hour room service and free WiFi 
  • Waiter service on the beach and pool
  • 512 rooms, five restaurants, a disco, and six bars 
  • Three castles with Kids Club, Garden Circus restaurant, and Kokoro Bar
  • Latest-technology gym and fitness
  • Theater and a spa corner
  • Unlimited a la carte dinners 
  • Upon request butler service 

Despite its well-designed castles, your children may experience innovative activities—costume workshops, crafts, games, expeditions, and cooking classes. While the child is having fun, adults may spend time with organized activities like gaming and sports. 

9.0 9/10
9.0 9/10
Kid's Friendly
10.0 10/10

Bahia Principe Pricing

How Much Does it Cost?

Room price is vital because you cannot stay there if you do not complete the payment. Below, I will break down the room and suite prices from the two discussed hotels above. 

Take a closer look at the table. 

Grand Jamaican Pricing 

Junior Suite Superior Starts from $172
Connecting Junior Suite Superior Starts from $180
Junior Suite Superior Sea Views Starts from $184
Junior Suite Superior Ocean Front Starts from $208

Fantasia Punta Cana 

Junior Suite Deluxe Castle View Starts from $164
Junior Suite Deluxe Castle Front Starts from $172
Junior Suite Deluxe Starts from $192

So, prepare the budget and choose the one you prefer the most to book it at the link below! 

Bahia Principe Hotels and Resorts Classifications

The Differences Between Grand, Luxury, Fantasia, and Sunlight

What is the difference between Bahia Principe Luxury and Grand? Or maybe between Fantasia and Sunlight. Below, I will tell you the secret between these hotels and resorts. Find the answer now! 

  • Grand
    It offers everything from authentic cuisine and excellent treatment to the best experience and service. Clients can enjoy the strategic location of 5-star hotels with architectural buildings and gardens. So your child can have delightful days with memorable activities. 
  • Luxury
    This second type is perfect for individuals who want to sightsee the scenery in The Caribbean. You may ask for any special services and exquisite landscapes. Also, clients can enjoy limitless a la carte dinners in fully-equipped rooms.
  • Fantasia
    It is a brand-new hotel with childhood concepts. Parents can bring their children to enjoy remarkable experiences such as entertainment and festive activities. The place is magical, and your children will also see local cultures, legends, and other surprises.

  • Sunlight
    The last type is a four-star superior hotel in the middle of Europe paradise. The characters from Sunlight are incredible sceneries with influential Spanish culture. Thanks to the beautiful scenes of Tenerife and Majorca, you can relax in Spain. 

Bahia Principe App

Explanation of Bahia Principe Hotels Application

Nowadays, many accommodation companies create an application to let customer book places effectively. Yeah, lucky you; this company does the same, too. Bahia Principe Hotels are compatible with iOS and Android.

You can download it for free through Google Play Store or App Store. Through this app, customers can check every detail reservation to avoid mistakes. So, let’s install it on your smartphone now! 

How Does Bahia Principe Work

A Guide to Book Service from This Hotels and Resorts

Every hotel and resort has a different policy for reservations. If this company bewitched you, learn how to make a reservation through the steps below. 

  1. First, visit the official website or open the application on your phone. 
  2. After that, choose the hotel you want to stay in. 
  3. Fill in the check-in and check-out dates, also how many persons will stay in that room. Ensure you give complete information from the adults, kids, or babies. 
  4. Then, click Book Now. The team will immediately offer the available room 
  5. Consider which room you want to stay then click Continue 
  6. If you tend to have more service, tell the unit correctly and add it to your booking page
  7. Once you finish, click Continue and Book 
  8. If you have a discount code, input it before checking out
  9. Afterward, complete the payment.
  10. That’s it! You are successfully booking a room and service in the Bahia Principe! 

Suppose you prefer live conversation, contact Call Center at +1 (800) 416 69 62 and tell your queries. The team will guide you thoroughly. Furthermore, if you fix the decision, complete the payment to secure your reservation.  

My Bahia Principe

How to Join and Benefits

This company provides membership, namely My Bahia Principe. It is a beneficial program that every client may join. Additionally, it is easy and accessible. 

Merely sign up for an account, and you can grab the benefits below: 

  • Additional discounts for up to 10% on the following hotel reservation (only eligible for orders through the official website and call center)
  • Enjoy priority check-in at the hotel reception with an exclusive queue
  • Receive room preference selection from the availability, facility, and so on 

Don’t forget to go to My Bahia Principe log in before accessing the benefits. So, are you ready to earn more points to increase your levels? 

Bahia Principe Pros and Cons

While writing this Bahia Principe review, I want you to know the pros and cons of this company. Then, discover the strength and weaknesses in the list below! 

Bahia Principe Pros

  • Four to five-star hotels and resorts 
  • Built-in strategic locations and beautiful sceneries
  • Has many classifications to choose from 
  • Suitable for solo traveling or more intimate places for couples
  • Kids and family-friendly facilities 
  • High-quality and complete services
  • Affordable prices, many promotions, and a loyalty program 
  • Accessible booking through website, application, and call center
  • Free cancellation  

Bahia Principe Cons 

Currently, there is no contradictory affair in this company

Is Bahia Principe Worth It?

Well, hotels and resorts are available anywhere across The Caribbean and Spain. However, you would not have another one like this worth-it Bahia Principe

The company provides the best and complete facilities for all guests. Additionally, you can book a room you prefer efficiently through many methods. 

Its location is strategic, allowing you to refresh your mind from your occupation at work. Thus, don’t search for another option but to book one of 27 lodgings from this place now! 

Is Bahia Principe Legit?

Legitimacy is one thing that Bahia Principe offers to all customers. I can say that because the company lets you know everything regarding the hotel, resort, service, and facilities. 

This company is legit, and many customers love the service. The official website is informative, SSL-certificated, friendly customer service, and you can read explanations well on the page. 

Customer service and the call center will cover your back whenever you need assistance. So then, what are you waiting for? Let’s book a room now! 

Bahia Principe Customer Reviews

What Do Clients Think?

I know you are waiting for this section a lot. Testimonial is vital from this Bahia Principe review because it can give you a good impression. 

Bahia Principe Customer Reviews
Image credit: facebook.com/BahiaPrincipe
facebook.com/BahiaPrincipe https://facebook.com/BahiaPrincipe

Here are the ratings of the two discussed hotels. 

The number is pretty high. But, then, look at one utterance from a customer below. 

Phenomenal cuisine, phenomenal cleaning staff, phenomenal entertainment, and phenomenal atmosphere. Also gorgeous property, 10/10!

This client finds every feature phenomenal, from food, staff, and atmosphere. She gives a perfect score for the hotel! 

Another one said:

Wonderful service and staff! We went there with a group of 34 people, including friends and family and had a great time. The hotel management is really helpful …

This client is also happy due to the amazing staff and service. In addition, his group members enjoy the time thanks to the helpful hotel management. 

Therefore, I can say that Bahia Principe serves significant customer service and facilities. Many of them are delighted and give a perfect score! 

Bahia Principe Contact

If you want a further explanation concerning the booking policy, facilities, or available room, please contact customer service at the steps below. 

Grand Jamaica Contact  Fantasia Punta Cana Contact
Email: info.jamaica@bahia-principe.com
Call Center: +1 (876) 973 70 00
Fax: +1 (876) 670 85 03
Email: info.puntacana@bahia-principe.com
Call Center: +1 (809) 552 14 44
Fax: +1 (809) 468 41 15

Customers may also contact the central headquarters at the following steps:

Please visit this Contact page if you need information concerning other resorts. The team will reply at least 24 hours after you send your questions. So, please be patient and avoid sending it twice because it can delay the response. 

Where to Access Bahia Principe

The company offers two options to access the hotels and resorts. You may book a room through the official website, but please log in first to make a booking.

Or, download the app to place an order immediately through your phone. Also, do not forget to join the loyalty program for promotions and limited deals. Hence, are you ready to spend a holiday in the Dominican Republic? 


Let's Explore into Bahia Principe!

Many clients are curious about several affairs such as facilities and others. So, here are the brand’s answer for you. 

Who owns Bahia Principe?

A prestigious Spanish family business, Grupo Piñero, owns this company. 

Is Bahia Principe safe?

Absolutely! This place offers a secure and safe booking process for all lodging options. 

Is Bahia Principe a 5 star resort?

Grand, Luxury, and Fantasia are five-star hotels. Only Sunlights has four-star accreditation. 

Is room service included in Bahia Principe Ambar?

Yes, the exclusive service includes restaurant facilities that allow you to enjoy a meal in Luxury Amber in the Dominican Republic. 

What is the drinking age in Bahia Principe?

You must be at least 18 years old to drink in this hotel and resort company legally. 


Running away to a beautiful hotel from Bahia Principe will bring joy to your heart. You can stay there with gorgeous views without spending too much budget. 

Furthermore, the facilities are incredibly worth booking. Hence, let’s choose your preferred hotel for the next holiday! 

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