Backpacker Deals Review

Although based in Melbourne, Australia, Backpacker Deals offers a wide variety of tours and vacations all over the world. And it is also one of the leading travel agents in Australia that has led hundreds of thousands of people to explore different parts of the world.

Backpacker Deals Review
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What makes Backpacker Deals become one of Australia’s leading travel agents is because it has existed in the tour and travel industry for almost 10 years. To be more specific, in 2014, this travel agent was established and founded by Dinesh Kaku.

And then, in 2020, Travello Pty Ltd bought and acquired this travel agent in order to encourage more travelers to explore more destinations.

Its notoriety is also evidenced by how over 16k people have followed their Facebook page. Not only that, but this travel agent also boasts 21k+ followers on its Instagram.

If you’re planning to use this travel agent to help you embark on your adventure, we recommend following them on social media. On there, you’ll get all the latest information and promos offered by them.

And after a little overview of this travel agent, this Backpacker Deals review will now guide you to know more about this travel agent starting from what tours it offers to its pros and cons. So, keep scrolling down!

Why Book at Backpacker Deals?

Through Backpacker Deals, you will get a wide choice of tours to explore many places in various countries. Besides, this travel agent also provides a wide selection of activities that you can do on your adventure, leaving you with unforgettable memories in every tourist destination you travel to.

Why Book at Backpacker Deals?
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Moreover, this travel agent also promises a 100% satisfaction guarantee for travelers. So, in case your tour activity doesn’t run as it should, either due to bad weather or technical issues, this travel agent will offer you another activity or a full refund. Yep, 100% refundable!

Even better, this travel agent also has a professional and competent customer service team. They will always be available to help with any problems you experience regarding this travel agent.

On top of that, this Backpacker Deals review also found that this travel agent gets 5 stars from 100k customer reviews that have used its services. Many of them are satisfied with the experience offered by this travel agent in each of its tour packages.

With this travel agent, you also don’t have to worry about scams, theft, or other payment issues. That’s because they ensure to provide 100% safe payments to all their customers. All your payments are processed through a high-security payment gateway, and your personal information is secured through SSL.

What's On Backpacker Deals

What’s on Backpacker Deals? Of course, the last-minute tour deals! By taking the last-minute tour deal provided by this tour agent, you can save plenty of cash for your adventure trip. 

What's On Backpacker Deals
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But as a reminder, to get last-minute tour deals, you might have to check the official website more often. And why? Because these deals are not available every day.

By taking Backpacker Deals as your travel agent, you can go to different cities around the world and discover the splendor of each city. Because there are up to 30 countries that you can visit with this travel agent, such as Australia, NZ, the US, Italy, Japan, Indonesia, and many more.

Even better, this travel agent can invite you to explore every uniqueness in each city of those countries, such as Melbourne, Fraser Island, Brisbane, Tokyo, Bali, and many others cities. With this travel agent, you have over 50 cities option to choose from.

And after a while of diving into the internet, this Backpacker Deals review found that there are three places most searched by travelers on this travel agent. What are those places?

Backpacker Deals Review: Three Most Visited Places

  1. Backpacker Deals Queenstown
  2. Backpacker Deals Uluru / Ayers Rock
  3. Backpacker Deals Airlie Beach

Without further ado, let’s see what kind of adventures you’ll have in these three popular places.

Backpacker Deals Queenstown Review

Are you an adventurer who loves adrenaline-filled adventures? If so, you’ll never regret choosing to go on an adventure with Backpacker Deals Queenstown trip.

Backpacker Deals Queenstown Review
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Located near the beautiful and stunning Wakatipu Lake in the country of New Zealand. Queenstown will provide you with many fantastic adrenaline experiences, such as skydiving, jet boating, skiing, and many more.

Or perhaps you want to take a leisurely adventure. You can take a selection of trips, such as the tasty Wine tour, Ice Bar tour, and Segway tour.

Curious how Queenstown looks and expands from the sky? Then take the Milford Sound Fly tour, Queenstown helicopter tour, and another scenic flight tour.

With so many tour options available at Backpacker Deals Queenstown, you have plenty of options to explore Queenstown and turn your adventure into an incredible one. Bon, voyage!

Backpacker Deals Uluru / Ayers Rock Review

There is one of the most famous iconic places in Australia, and that is Uluru or also known as Ayers Rock. And if you want to have an adventure in Australia, then taking Backpacker Deals Uluru / Ayers Rock trip can be your first choice.

Backpacker Deals Uluru / Ayers Rock Review
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Why is Uluru so iconic? The answer is quite simple. It’s because this place is a sacred place for Aboriginal people. Featuring massive new sand formations and surrounded by the Red Center, you won’t find a place like this anywhere else in the world except Australia.

There are tons of trip options to explore Uluru, most of which you can travel by land. However, if you want an extraordinary and spectacular experience, you can take a helicopter trip. With this, you can see how majestic Uluru is from the sky.

Backpacker Deals Airlie Beach Review

Do you want to enjoy the stunning beaches and see a variety of marine creatures in Australia? If so, take this Backpacker Deals Airlie Beach trip. Through this trip, you will be invited to enjoy every beauty of this beach, from those above the sea to those under the sea.

Backpacker Deals Airlie Beach Review
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Fun fact, this Airlie beach is Australia’s most visited tourist destination all year round. And the warm weather, coupled with the subtropical climate, is the main reason that makes this beach worth visiting every year.

And through this travel agent, you can visit various places on this beach. Do you want to see the magical underwater world? Take the Great Barrier Reef tour. Do you want to enjoy the view of this beach from the sky? Then take the Helicopter tour. Whatever adventure you want to have, this travel agent will help you experience it all.

Backpacker Deals Pricing

Just like most travel agents out there, Backpacker Deals also has tour pricing options that vary depending on the destination you choose and the duration of your trip.

And this Backpacker Deals review discovered that this travel agent offers a range of tour package prices ranging from the cheapest at $14 to the most expensive at over $7,000.

With its wide variety of prices, it would be great if you have Backpacker Deals coupon codes to save on your tour package bookings. And luckily, we have summarized some of the coupon codes for you. Check them out!

  • Use coupon code BPDIG5 and enjoy 5% OFF on all tour bookings.
  • Join the newsletter and get $15 OFF on your next adventure

Not only coupon codes, but you can also save your bucks with Backpacker Deals cashback. How to get it? Well, you just need to book any tour, and you will automatically get up to 10% cashback.

Backpacker Deals Pros & Cons

With all the positive statements in this article, does this travel agent really have no drawbacks? Absolutely there are. That’s why this Backpacker Deals review provides this section to give you information about the pros and cons of this travel agent.

Backpacker Deals Pros

  • Has a wide range of travel destinations in dozens of countries
  • Offers thousands of tour activities for everyone and all travelers
  • Features 100% refundable
  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy to book
  • Offers last-minute tour deals

Backpacker Deals Cons

  • Some travelers complained about the long refund time

Is Backpacker Deals Worth It?

Referring to how this travel agent offers thousands of tour activities, dozens of tourist destinations in various cities in many countries, and great last-minute tour deals, this Backpacker Deals is definitely worth it.

By choosing this travel agent, you have the opportunity to travel and explore places all over the world, including Australia and New Zealand. So, carve out your fantastic experiences and narrate them to your future children!

Is Backpacker Deals Legit?

As has been stated at the beginning of the article, this travel agent is currently owned by Travello Pty Ltd company. And this company is an authorized and registered company in Australia.

And based on this, this Backpacker Deals review confidently states that this travel agent is legit.

Is Backpacker Deals Safe?

Backpacker Deals is definitely safe. This travel agent offers a 100% secure payment system. Plus, your credit card number is transmitted directly with SSL, which ensures that you are protected from various electronic vaults.

In addition, this travel agent also provides expert and professional customer service. They will help you find solutions to any problems you may have.

Not only that, but Backpacker Deals also ensures that customer satisfaction is above all. Therefore, they provide a 100% guarantee that you will not have to pay anything if your tour package does not run as it should.

Backpacker Deals Customer Reviews

Knowing and understanding customer reviews is always the most effective way to determine whether a brand or travel agent is good or not. And this Backpacker Deals review has found that all three of the travel agent’s favorite destinations get impressive ratings.

  • Queenstown rated 4.9/5 out of 1724 reviews
  • Uluru / Ayers Rock rated 4.9/5 out of 431 reviews
  • Airlie Beach rated 4.5/5 out of 1048 reviews

So what about the testimonials? Don’t worry, we have also summarized some honest testimonials for you. Have a read!

For everyone that comes to Queenstown, I recommend you do this. It’s a great experience with amazing people and staff.

Well-organized tour with lots of interesting insights.

What a remarkable experience to sleep on the great barrier reef. The service was five stars, and the team did a fantastic job and satisfied us. I recommend it for a memorable moment.

From the three customer testimonials above, this Backpacker Deals review can assume that this travel agent really provides amazing service for everyone. Every tour package provided by this travel agent is also extraordinary, as it can provide an unforgettable experience to all travelers.

How to Contact Backpacker Deals

Are you already interested in going on an adventure using this travel agent? Yet, do you have some inquiries that you want to ask beforehand? Not to worry. This Backpacker Deals review has compiled the contacts of this brand that you can approach.

  • Phone:
    • Australia: 1300 358 071
    • New Zealand: 0800 461 254
    • United States: +1 (240) 786-1143
    • International: +61 (7) 3130-0516

Alternatively, you can also contact this travel agent by submitting a form that you can access here.


We have arrived at the last section of this article. And after having gone through all the information about Backpacker Deals, we truly believe that this Australian travel agent can be one of the best choices if you’re planning to go on an adventure.

Through this travel agent, you have many options to explore different cities in the world. And not to forget to mention, you can also save on your adventure expenses with the last-minute tour deals available. Cheer to the adventure!

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