tourhub Review

“What a wonderful world” is the slogan of tourhub, a 2019-founded company owned by Seamus James Conlon. It is a Cardiff-based company offering over 15K tours you can choose from worldwide destinations. 

tourhub Review
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In addition, the company allows all ages to join the troops. It offers kid-friendly tours with many top tour types. Whether you are going with your spouse, family, or friends, the plans are too enormous to choose. 

This company is famous for its well-detailed official website, allowing customers to book a plan easily. You can check any vacant schedule, address your conditions, and pay a low deposit to save your seat. 

But since it is new, you may not find it in the press. Still, the company receives much attention, resulting in over 14K followers on Facebook and 15.8K on Instagram. It is huge, reminding you that the company was only established 4 years ago. 

Then, let’s see if the company is worth your attention, especially travelers. This tourhub review will discuss many top-rated tour plans from the East to the West. What are they? Start reading to know more! 

Why tourhub?

The company collaborates with over 750 tour agents to provide the best travel plan. Even better, you can adjust your goal whether you want to have a guide. It offers a guarantee to ensure your trip is too wonderful to forget. Let’s see another highlight from the list below! 

tourhub Highlights 

  • Travel agent with over 15K trips 
  • Money-protected service 
  • Offers package and personalized traveling plan 
  • Provides different group members and ages 
  • Welcomes solo or group traveler 
  • Couple and family-friendly plan 
  • Inspiring and amusing itineraries 
  • Accompanied by a travel guru 
  • Free date changes 
  • Low deposit requirement 
  • Guaranteed refund policy 
  • Gets a lot of good feedback from travelers 

What's On tourhub

Travelers know that every trip is different. The reason is that you can plan for anything before really getting going. But how does this company divide its trip plan to you? 

What's On tourhub
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You can check the categories in two, including: 

Based on Destinations

  • UK 
  • Ireland
  • Morocco 
  • Croatia
  • etc. 
Based on Tour Types

  • Coach Tours
  • Wildlife Tours 
  • Cycling Tours
  • Cultural Tours
  • etc. 

Since discussing them may require more reading time, let’s cut it into only several topics. Thus, this tourhub review will elaborate on these top-pick tour plans: 

Let’s get going, then! 

tourhub Africa Safari Serengeti and Ngorongoro Reviews

tourhub is an authorized partner and agent of Africa’s bucket list. It provides a 3-day Africa Safari Serengeti and Ngorongoro for 4 to 75 age ranges. In addition, you can bring your family to this trip due to the low physical rating. 

tourhub Africa Safari Serengeti and Ngorongoro Reviews
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You’ll visit two national parks, also UNESCO’s world heritage sites. Those are the Arusha and Serengeti National Parks. The entrance fees are included, allowing you to enjoy the trekking. There, you’ll see lions and cheetahs. 

This wildlife holiday will be an excellent impression for your kids. School them about nature and animals, how they live, and their eating habits. Further, the group only contains 2 to 7 members. So, are you ready to spend intimate time? 

tourhub A Taste of Italy Reviews

Who can say no to exotic and sexy Italian culture? You couldn’t resist this 11-day A Taste of Italy tour plan. The tour will begin and end its journey in Rome. You’ll visit breathtaking cities such as Assisi, Siena, Florence, Venice, etc. 

tourhub A Taste of Italy Reviews
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In addition, you may taste delicious wine, pizza, and other cultural Italian foodies. Ask your family to join because the group’s age range is from 7 to 99. It is also suitable for 1 to 40 people simultaneously. 

This tour-guided plan will introduce how is the real Italy to you. Thus, you’ll get the privilege to sightsee museums and art galleries. So, let’s prepare the luggage and get yourself the most refined gelato now! 

tourhub Canadian Rockies: National Parks Westbound Reviews

Canada is one of the nearest countries to the United States of America. Its nature-rich views become the reason why people keep coming to this country. But, this Canadian Rockies: National Parks Westbound is not friendly to kids; you must be 18 to join it

tourhub Canadian Rockies: National Parks Westbound Reviews
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Why? Because the physical rating reaches 3, meaning you’ll release much energy to visit the place. The itineraries include national parks located in Vancouver. See it in your eyes how a moose and deer live. 

Further, bear with the extreme yet fun activities because you can watch whales. Another thing to follow is canoeing and kayaking. Then, prepare your camera to capture all the sceneries in this 14-day tour plan! 

tourhub Cycling Vietnam - Premium Adventure Reviews

Do you move a lot and love to spend time with nature? If so, riding with besties in this Cycling Vietnam – Premium Adventure package tour must be happy. These moderate-rate activities won’t tire you because you’ll sightsee through alluring views. 

tourhub Cycling Vietnam - Premium Adventure Reviews
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You can learn more about South East Asia culture. Cycle more in the villages to see rice terraces and mountains. Your eyes will be spoiled with remarkable greeneries from sunrise to sunset. Furthermore, this 14-day package allows you to taste Halal food.

You can bring many people, around 5 to 16 members. It is a perfect plan for everyone between 16 to 99 years old. Therefore, are you ready to give more attention to these Vietnamese greeneries during your happiest day? 

tourhub Japan by Train: The Grand Tour Reviews

Japan has always been on everyone’s wishlist. This country combines modern and traditional values in all sectors. Japan by Train: The Grand Tour features 4 to 16 members with 25 to 99 age ranges. 

tourhub Japan by Train: The Grand Tour Reviews
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How? All travelers in this package will start from Osaka and end in Tokyo. Taste mouth-watering cuisine from Okonomiyaki to sample sake. Remember to remember World War II because you’ll visit The Hiroshima Peace Park and Museum. 

Not only will you taste the food, but you will also get an opportunity to learn how to make sushi. Relax inside the hot spring onsen and walk comfortably inside the altar of the bamboo forest. So, what are you waiting for? 

How Does tourhub Work?

One thing you’ll love about this company is its easy booking. It considers many factors so you won’t face problems during the booking process. How so? The explanation below will tell you more. 

  1. Let’s begin with visiting the official website, and you can log in. 
  2. Click the Destinations menu to choose your desired country. 
  3. Select the tour you want, and read the itineraries. 
  4. Ensure the group size and guide type fit your mood. 
  5. Then, click Dates and Price to check the availability of seats. 
  6. Match the schedule with yours. 
  7. Check the spaces and fill in the data. 
  8. Double-check the information you submit, and ensure you type no typos. 
  9. Check out the order from the portal. 
  10. Pay the deposit, and you’re ready to go! 

When you check out the portal, you can add additional requests, such as medical and dietary. Then, are you ready to make a booking? 

tourhub Pricing

Getting prepared for a traveling journey is not only about itineraries. Instead, you can’t forget to prepare the budget, too! Then, let’s see the following table for more insight into the company’s price range. 

Africa Safari Serengeti and Ngorongoro Starts from $1448
A Taste of Italy Starts from $2002
Canadian Rockies: National Parks Westbound Starts from $2653
Cycling Vietnam – Premium Adventure Starts from $3261
Japan by Train: The Grand Tour Starts from $2677

Consider these lists if you think the price is too high because they can lower your traveling costs. 

  • Subscribe to the newsletter and get special promo codes
  • Join the membership for extra discount codes 
  • Sign up as the travel influencer affiliate program for commission 
  • Enjoy up to 50% OFF Summer Sale 2923
  • Visit the Offers page for more sales and deals 

tourhub Pros and Cons

While you are ready to book a schedule, let us take a break by learning the company’s pros and cons. Here they are: 


  • English-operated tour and travel agency 
  • Each plan features a knowledgeable tour guide 
  • Traveler’s age ranges from kids to 99 years old 
  • All entrance costs are included in the price 
  • Extra discounts for the membership program 
  • 60-day cancellation policy for a full refund 


  • No secure SSL feature 
  • Cancellations less than 60 days will be charged a booking price 

tourhub Customer Testimonials

Some of you must have checked the company’s review TripAdvisor. But, this section will refer to all testimonials and ratings from Trustpilot. tourhub receives a 4.5/5 rating from it. Then, what do the customers say? 

tourhub Customer Testimonials
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Below is one of the example: 

It was so easy to book on the official website. I received a message immediately, confirming all the details and included information regarding the tour. I’d be more than happy too use the service again later.

This customer is happy because the booking process is simple. Further, the information is transparent and detailed, making her satisfied and want to order again. 

Another customer says: 

I love that the destination and hotel accommodation is listed. It makes planning or deciding on a trip so much easier. Each time I asked for a question, I got a response quickly. … 

This customer loves that the service is fantastic. The reason is that the team lists every itinerary and responds quickly whenever this customer sends a message. 

Therefore, tourhub proves its terrific services to all customers with easy booking and responsive customer service. These two reasons and well-detailed information make the company a top pick among travelers. 

Is tourhub Worth It?

Trusting a well-worth travel agent such as tourhub is best, especially for novices traveling. You can get the most impressive service from well-detailed itineraries, transparent fees, and safety-guarantee. 

Is tourhub Worth It?
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Moreover, this company will assist you with whatever problem you face. Customer service is ready to help and solve your issues immediately. With vigorous itineraries, you may even spend memorable days. So, let’s book a seat now! 

Is tourhub Legit?

This company prepares everything because it does not want to disappoint you. Even though it does not have a secure SSL feature, the official website tells you everything. Thus, tourhub is a legitimate travel agent.

Additionally, it receives a lot of high ratings from customers. This factor plays a great role in defining that the company is trusted. Thus, you can stop wondering about its high score and get a ticket for your next holiday! 

Where to Book tourhub

Now, you are ready to go on a holiday alone or with your beloved people. But first, visit the company’s official website to make an appointment.

You’ll see several destinations, so choose it wisely. Remember that it is the only place to book a schedule from tourhub. Therefore, visit the correct link, and you can rest from your busy routines! 

tourhub Phone Number

How To Contact tourhub

Do you have complaints about your traveling experience and want to call the team immediately? Sadly, the company does not have a call center to contact. Yet, you can get in touch with customer service at: 

Further, you may visit the following addresses to consult with the team. 

Cardiff Business Technology Centre
Senghennydd Road, Cardiff
CF24 4AY
Registered Office
2nd Floor Nucleus House, 
2 Lower Mortlake Road, Richmond
TW9 2JA 


tourhub is a newcomer to a travel agency. It only ages 4 years old, but its service is beyond compare. Many customers are satisfied with the service because of its responsive customer service. 

Further, you can travel worldwide with joyful itineraries, filling your memories with memorable journeys. Therefore, take your wallet and start looking for a seat now! 

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