Kuoni Reviews

Who is the founder of Kuoni?

Alfred Kuoni founded a travel company in 1906. He took his name, Kuoni, to create this Switzerland-originated brand to help people easily travel. Later, in 1965, he established a UK-based tour agent to travel worldwide. 

Kuoni Reviews
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This company faced many obstacles yet was able to stand up proudly. It joined the leading European travel company, Der Touristik Group, in 2015. Further, the company changed its business name to Der Touristik UK Ltd in 2017. 

The company provides supportive and knowledgeable travel agents who visit the destinations way before customers want to see them. So once you book an appointment, they will inform you about your wishlist destination. 

Since the company is over 100 years old, it partners with many reputable agencies—for example, CV Villas, Carrier, Kirker, Alfred by Kuoni, etc. Those partners are the best in the travel industry! 

It may not feature in the press, but the followers reach 108K+ on Instagram and Facebook. It is also voted regularly due to the best luxurious package. You won’t even believe that the company is one of the Which? Recommended Provider

To give you more insights, this Kuoni review will write about the most visited destinations and plans. You can stay tuned to this article to know more. Then, let’s get started! 

Why Book at Kuoni?

This Kuoni review begins with a points explanation. You’ll gain reasons why the company is worth creating your holiday plan. 

Why Book at Kuoni?
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Further, here is the list you must know:  

Kuoni Highlights 

  • Established since 1906 
  • Travel agents providing 90+ travel packages worldwide 
  • Helpful and informative travel agents 
  • Assists online and through the UK stores
  • Offers luxurious itineraries to satisfy customer   
  • LGBTQ+ friendly 
  • Wins many awards and becomes a recommended travel provider
  • Only requires £175 per passenger or 10% of the total cost to book a seat
  • Receives many positive feedbacks from travelers 

What's On Kuoni

Holidays, itineraries, and plans are too general to divide too. Thus, the company categorizes a holiday package as the most specific explanation. 

What's On Kuoni
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Mainly, the company provides packages to 8 continents worldwide, including: 

Africa Asia
Australia and Pacific Caribbean
Europe Indian Ocean
North and Central America South America 

Meanwhile, here are the 14-holiday types offered by Kuoni: 

Adult-only All-Inclusive
Beach  City Breaks
Exclusive to Kuoni Family
Honeymoons LGBTQ+
Multi-centre Rail
Self Drive Spa and Wellness
Villas Wildlife Watching 

Further, our review will concentrate on the 5 most searched, including: 

Without preceding any issues, let’s start discussing the first destination! 

Kuoni Kuramathi Maldives Reviews

Kuoni prepares all-inclusive facilities in this Kuramathi Maldives travelling package. It is a perfect choice for couples or families with children. In addition, you’ll make memories by spending days in a private pool villa

Kuoni Kuramathi Maldives Reviews
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This package allows you to have quality time while paddleboarding or snorkelling. The blue scenery will be a relaxing moment, giving you time to relax. Further, your meal is all guaranteed while spending time here! 

The dining facility features a buffet and à la carte. Whether it is for adults or adults, the package is indeed incredible. Thus, are you ready to book a villa this beach holiday season? 

Kuoni Le Jadis Beach Resort & Wellness Mauritius Reviews

Are you just married and want to go on a honeymoon? Visiting this Le Jadis Beach Resort & Wellness Mauritius option allows you to rest romantically. In addition, this bay environment will enable you to befriend with nature. 

Kuoni Le Jadis Beach Resort & Wellness Mauritius Reviews
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facebook.com/kuonitraveluk https://facebook.com/kuonitraveluk

This place is also close to the blue beach. You may swim and explore the al fresco dining spot. Further, you can enjoy the spa, yoga, and meditation facilities

The place setting is terrific, and you’ll also have a peaceful meal routine. The team will prepare a mouthwatering culinary adventure so that you may fully rest with your beloved spouse.  

Kuoni Rocky's Boutique Resort Thailand Reviews

Rocky’s Boutique Resort Thailand is the next all-rounder destination. This allows you to learn about Thai culture while simultaneously spending days surrounded by 3 beaches. It is a peaceful place with intimate decoration

Kuoni Rocky's Boutique Resort Thailand Reviews
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facebook.com/kuonitraveluk https://facebook.com/kuonitraveluk

Your spouse or family can join to lie down under the sun of Asia. Furthermore, the beautiful corals will attract you to jump into the water. Go on snorkelling or kayaking to see the sky, whether sunset or sunrise. 

Once the dawn comes, you can taste delicious food in the espresso bar. Don’t forget to visit the beach-side fine-dining restaurants; your holiday is too good to be true! 

Kuoni Uga Bay Sri Lanka Reviews

Another Asian destination that many travellers are curious about is Sri Lanka. If you’re one of them, don’t hesitate to visit Uga Bay Sri Lanka. The retreat is perfect for watersport fans because they can snorkel and dive in Passikudah Bay. 

Kuoni Uga Bay Sri Lanka Reviews
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In addition, it suits couples or families. You can bring your whole family to enjoy the wind and water simultaneously. Try to dive deeper to see the beautiful wrecks and reefs so your holiday is not useless. 

Furthermore, the water is not blue! It is turquoise, round, and round your accommodation. The restaurant opening time is also flexible. Therefore, you can seek snacks or fine dining whenever you’re hungry on this holiday. 

Kuoni Gift List Reviews

Last, this Gift List will be the best present you can give to your acquaintances. It is a gift card that features a contribution to a celebration or honeymoon

Kuoni Gift List Reviews
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In addition, the setup is easy and simple. Adjust the package and add-ons you desire, and the team will prepare the rest. However, remember that the gift has a due date. So ensure the recipient uses it wisely before the date ends. 

How Does Kuoni Work?

Every travel agent promotes different booking processes, and so does Kuoni. If you plan to get the package, read the following procedure for more insights. 

How Does Kuoni Work?
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Here is what you should know: 

  1. First, choose your preferred method from online booking, call, or in-store. 
  2. Select your desired destination for the next holiday. 
  3. Ask for assistance if you’re unsure about the terms and conditions. 
  4. Book a schedule based on your vacant routine. 
  5. Pay 10% of the total cost to save a seat. 
  6. Complete the rest once the team ask you to do so. 
  7. Congratulations! You’re ready to go! 

Don’t hesitate to contact the team via email at support@kuoni.co.uk whenever you face a problem. Therefore, customer service will help with your obstacles. 

Kuoni Pricing

This company intends to give you a luxurious package to enjoy your holiday. Yet, you must know the budget so that you won’t run out of money. Here is the cost you must pay: 

Kuramathi Maldives £1,702 – £2,452 p/p
Le Jadis Beach Resort & Wellness Mauritius £1,663 – £1,950 p/p
Rocky’s Boutique Resort Thailand £1,164 – £1,572 p/p
Uga Bay Sri Lanka £1,451 – £3,247 p/p
Gift List Depends on the package

You may also check the current Offers to get discounts, which is valuable for your wallet. So, which destination will you go to for the rest of 2023? 

Kuoni Pros and Cons

This review won’t be complete if you don’t find any pros and cons from the company. Then, here is the explanation between the two: 


  • Luxury traveling package made for every traveler 
  • Provides full facilities, including the hotel 
  • Supportive travel agents 
  • Easy booking process to meet the agent in-store 
  • Local store branches are enormous
  • Cancellation process is at least 7 days before the day 
  • Opens job careers for anyone interested in traveling


  • Travelers must own travel insurance, or they cannot follow the trip. 
  • Store visitation does not accept cash payments. 
  • The price may be a burden for some people. 

Kuoni Customer Reviews

After reading all the destinations with breathtaking sceneries, this review will walk you through the customer testimonials. You’ll see the reactions from customers after using the brand’s services. 

Kuoni Customer Reviews
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The company is interesting because it gets a 9.5/10 rating from over 16K testimonials! Then, the following utterances are examples from customers. One of them says: 

I’ve booked many holiday plans through Kuoni over the years. I trust them so much to provide superb services, from start to finish.

This loyal customer trusts the company since it always provides excellent services. As a result, she has used the service for many years. 

Another customer says: 

Your crew member together with an associate planned our New Zealand tour with perfection, and even made helpful suggestions and recommendations. Extremely friendly crew!

This customer is thankful because her tour plan to New Zealand is incredible. Furthermore, it is perfect with the supportive staff of Kuoni.

To conclude, Kuoni proves its worthiness with high rating results from customers. They are satisfied with the service and can’t stop trusting the company to plan their holidays. 

Is Kuoni Worth It?

Preparing a travel itinerary on your own may be fun. Yet, you must be careful because you do not know the destination. Indeed, Kuoni is worth visiting because the agents are all professional and supportive. 

Is Kuoni Worth It?
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facebook.com/kuonitraveluk https://facebook.com/kuonitraveluk

They will plan your trip thoroughly so that you can be relieved. Since they have been visiting the destination, their recommendations are exact. Therefore, which continents will you step into to escape your busy life? 

Is Kuoni Legit?

Well, it is thorough, though! Kuoni is recommended by Which? Recommended Provider, which is trusted and legitimate. The company’s reputation gained many high ratings from customers. 

It also has a secure SSL website feature and is ATOL-protected. So, there is no need to search for another review. Instead, visit the official website and book an appointment now! 

Where to Book Kuoni

Now, do you need the agent’s help in booking the tours? Lucky you because the process is easy! You may order it directly from the official website, call 0800 086 8525, or meet the team in-store

Further, the stores are available in over 31 points across the UK. Here are some of the most-visited ones: 

  • Guildford, South 
  • Liverpool, North West 
  • Manchester City Centre, North West
  • Metrocentre Gateshead, Yorkshire and North East 
  • Norwich, Midlands and East
  • Solihull, Midlands and East
  • Bluewater, London Area

Kuoni Contact

This company considers many things preceding your trip affairs. But if an issue ever comes to your face, don’t hesitate to contact the customer service through these ways: 

  • Email: support@kuoni.co.uk
  • Destination Experts Call Center: 0800 086 8525
  • Sales Support Call Center: 0800 294 9705
  • Duty Office Call Center: 01306 744435 

You also have an option to send a Ticket and message to the Live Chat. Both are displayed on the phone logo on the official website. Further, you may return to the store you visited to ask for assistance from the agent who talked to you then. 


Delve into Kuoni

You may want to dig deeper into a brand before trusting it. Below are several questions you may see: 

Is Kuoni owned by TUI?

No, but the company joins the European travel company, DER Touristik Group. 

What is the profit of Kuoni?

The latest information in 2019 mentioned that the company has over £13M turnover, £2 profit, and £18,542.66 cash. 

What does Kuoni specialise in?

This company specializes in providing travel plans with luxurious facilities. 


Kuoni is a UK-based company offering travel packages with the most luxurious itineraries. The product suits solo travelers, couples, and even families. Further, you can meet the team in-store to discuss the plans. 

You won’t believe the agent’s recommendation is terrific. Therefore, you won’t regret trusting this company to prepare your holidays whenever and wherever it is. Start booking an appointment and rest now! 

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