About CitizenM

CitizenM is a global hotel chain founded in 2008 by Rattan Chadha. The company aims to “reinvent the hotel experience for the 21st-century traveler.”

About CitizenM
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The brand’s hotels are designed to be affordable, stylish, and tech-friendly. They offer free Wi-Fi, large beds, and a variety of common areas where guests can work, relax, and socialize.

On top of that, the company has increased since its launch. It has over 30 hotels in Europe, North America, and Asia. In 2019, GIC Private Limited, a Singapore-based investment company, acquired the brand.

The company is known for its innovative and disruptive approach to the hospitality industry. The company has been praised for its use of technology, its focus on design, and commitment to delivering high-quality experiences at affordable prices.

To prove its popularity in the world of adventure, the company has managed to gain a significant number of followers on its social media:

  • 130k followers on Instagram
  • 31k followers on Twitter
  • 306k likes on Facebook

Furthermore, the company is a fast-growing hotel chain known for its innovative and disruptive approach to the industry. Is it? This CitizenM Review will tell you all about the brand and its service! Let’s take a look!

Why CitizenM?

There are many reasons to choose CitizenM for your next stay. Here are a few of the most popular:

  • Modern, stylish rooms

The rooms are designed with the modern traveler in mind. They are small but well-appointed, with everything you need for a comfortable stay, including a king-size bed, a flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi, and a rain shower.

  • 24/7 canteen

The canteenM is a great place to grab a bite to eat or a drink, any time of day or night. The menu features a variety of international cuisine, as well as a selection of beers, wines, and cocktails.

  • Friendly, helpful staff

CitizenM staff are known for being friendly and helpful. They are always happy to help with anything you need, from making dinner reservations to finding the best local bars and restaurants.

  • Great location

Citizen’s hotels are located in prime locations in major cities around the world. It makes them the perfect place to stay for business or leisure travel!

What's On CitizenM

CitizenM beginning in 2008, the brand has revolutionized or broken the rules of the traditional hotel industry.

It is one of the most sophisticated hotels in the world. Almost everything related to this hotel is technically accessible and manageable through technological devices.

There is no reception desk available to welcome guests and take care of any administration at the front of the hotel. Instead, hotel guests are welcome to take care of various administrative matters by the touch of a screen.

Their check-in system is made practical to accommodate the simple lifestyle of the younger generation. They claim to have their check-in done in just a few minutes.

So, there are 3 reasons why CitizenM is in great demand, including:

  • Beauty and luxury
  • A comfortable sleeping environment and facilities
  • A strategic location

In addition, CitizenM is not only a place of accommodation but can also be used as a place to hold meetings.

Well, interested in staying at this hotel chain? To make it easier for you, we will review these two functions in the next CitizenM review.

CitizenM Hotels Review

CitizenM entered the hotel industry with a new concept and positioned itself as an “affordable luxury, self-service hotel chain.”

CitizenM Hotels Review
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facebook.com/citizenMhotels https://facebook.com/citizenMhotels

It is also equipped with contemporary design, efficient service, and cutting-edge technology, and all of this is packaged at an affordable rate.

Unlike other hotels, they use an iPad to control all functions in the room. Also, they have softer mattresses and pillows than other hotels.

Visitors will also be mesmerized by the interior design of this hotel chain starting from the moment you step into the lobby.

Interestingly, they don’t have a receptionist, so you have to “self-check” yourself to register. It’s quite efficient and makes it easier for visitors!

They offer you free access to good prices and deals by signing up for mycitizenM rates, which include:

  • MycitizenM is flexible — 6% off, no deposit required, and a free cancellation fee.
  • MycitizenM+ rates — 10% off, no late check-out fee, and guaranteed rooms are available.
  • MycitizenM+— no deposit required and free cancellation fee.
  • Flexible— no deposit required, and cancellation fees may apply.

Make CitizenM your safe and comfortable place to stay. There are many popular hotels in Europe, Asia, and North America.

But when it comes to high-tech hotels with complete facilities at quite friendly prices, they should be included in your travel list!

CitizenM Meetings Review

Prioritizing a work culture with high mobility, booking a meeting room is the choice for holding business meetings. A work culture with a good meeting room will make meetings more productive.

CitizenM Meetings Review
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Book a meeting room with CitizenM today and make your moment of togetherness in meetings more creative and successful!

What’s included in the meeting rooms?

  • There are up to 6 meeting rooms with a capacity of 8-14 people.
  • Apple TV, HDMI and VGA cables, whiteboard or chalkboard walls, flipchart, paper, markers, pencils, and Wi-fi are included.
  • Enjoy natural daylight and wide open windows to see the outside view.

In case you cancel a meeting room, it’ll be free of charge 7 days beforehand. Go online to see which meeting rooms are suitable for your business needs.

With the rooms so bright and colorful, everyone would love it!

How Does CitizenM Work?

This luxury hotel concept was built by a Dutch property entrepreneur. It was meant to make this hotel chain accessible to all groups.

Meanwhile, the reception desk has been replaced with a line of touchscreen computers. Hotel guests can make reservations, room selections, and various other administrative matters on their own.

In every corner of the hotel, Apple Mac computers are available to complete with internet connectivity. Hotel guests can freely use it for various types of purposes.

Finally, not only a cozy room for a good night’s sleep, but you can also book a meeting room with futuristic designs and decorations.

Moreover, here are the steps on how to register for a citizenM membership online:

  • Go to the citizenM website and click the “Sign Up” button
  • Enter your name, email address, and password
  • Select your country of residence
  • Click on the “Create Account” button
  • You will receive an email confirmation message with a link to activate your account
  • Click on the activation link to complete your registration

Once you have registered for a citizenM membership, you can enjoy the benefits immediately. You can also manage your membership online by logging into your account.

CitizenM Plans and Pricing

CitizenM offers a variety of plans and pricing options to suit your needs. Here is a breakdown of the different plans and their pricing:

Basic rates
These are the public rates that are available to everyone. They are typically the most affordable option but do not include discounts or perks.

mycitizenM rates
These rates are available to members of the mycitizenM program. Members receive a 6% discount on their stay and early access to sales and other perks. The mycitizenM program is free to join.

mycitizenM+ rates
These rates are available to members of the mycitizenM+ program. Members receive a 10% discount on their stay, guaranteed room availability, free late check-out, and a premium view (where available). The mycitizenM+ program costs $12/month.

In addition to these plans, CitizenM also offers a variety of other discounts and promotions. For example, you can often find discounts for AAA members, students, and military members. You can also find discounts on group bookings and stays of longer than 7 nights.

CitizenM Pros & Cons

This CitizenM review is incomplete without looking at its pros and cons. See their description below.


  • Highly innovative hotels designed for the mobile society.
  • Comes with an iPad control to control everything in each room (the lights, TV, curtain, blinds, and more).
  • Free movies to watch, free Wi-fi, and free goodies.
  • Aesthetic and futuristic building designs, both interior and exterior.
  • Open space both to relax and work.
  • Friendly staff.


  • No gym or spa.
  • Small bathroom.
  • No “human” reception staff to help you check in and check out.
  • Breakfast is not included.

Is CitizenM Worth It?

Whether CitizenM is worth, it depends on your needs and preferences. Here are some things to consider:

Is CitizenM Worth It?
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facebook.com/citizenMhotels https://facebook.com/citizenMhotels

Brand hotels are usually on the more affordable side, especially when compared to traditional luxury hotels. However, they are still expensive, especially for small rooms.

Brand hotels are located in some of the most famous cities in the world, including London, New York, Amsterdam, and Paris. That makes them an excellent option for travelers who want to be close to all the action.

CitizenM hotels offer a range of amenities, including free Wi-Fi, a 24-hour fitness center, and a bar. However, they do not provide some common amenities in traditional hotels, such as room service or a concierge.

The Hotels have a modern and stylish atmosphere. They are designed to attract younger, more tech-savvy people.

Overall, CitizenM hotels are a good choice for travelers looking for an affordable, stylish, and comfortable place to stay. Judging from the points above, we agree that CitizenM is worth spending on!

CitizenM Customer Service

How To Contact CitizenM

If you need to connect with the brand to ask some questions etc., you can contact them through:

Also, you can reach them through a live chat by clicking on the bubble icon at the bottom of the official website.

Where To Register CitizenM

There are two ways to register for a citizenM hotel membership: online and in-person. Below are the step by step:


Register for a free mycitizenM membership on the citizenM website. Create an account and provide your basic contact information. As a member, you’ll receive exclusive discounts and perks, including:

  • 10% off your stay
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Early check-in and late check-out
  • Access to member-only events


You can register for a mycitizenM membership at any citizenM hotel. Visit the front desk and provide your basic contact information. 


Explore Thoroughly On citizenM Reviews

Learn everything about citizenM and the most frequently asked questions.

What type of hotel is citizenM?

CitizenM offers a hotel with a modern interior design, spacious rooms, and high-tech facilities. All rooms are equipped with a king-size bed, free Wi-Fi, and a flat-screen TV.

What company owns citizenM hotels?

CitizenM is owned by a consortium of investors, including APG Asset Management, GIC Private Limited, and KRC Capital Partners.

Who founded citizenM?

CitizenM was founded by Rattan Chadha and Yoram Roth in 2005. Chadha is a Dutch-Indian entrepreneur who has a background in real estate and finance. Roth is a Dutch entrepreneur who has a background in the hotel industry.

Why is it called citizenM?

The name CitizenM is a combination of the word “citizen” and the letter “M”, which stands for “modern”.


This CitizenM review summarizes in detail its contemporary design, efficient services, and innovative technology, all packed at an affordable rate. It’s not about selling rooms, but it also provides opportunities for young customers to join certain communities through meeting rooms.

Things such as work stations, super fast Wi-fi, 24 hours food and beverage, and very affordable prices have made them so popular among millennial travelers. So, if you want to travel and get new business opportunities, don’t hesitate to use CitizenM.

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